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Campus Information

Campus Information

1.Educational Building

● 1F:Office of General Affairs
● 1F:Accounting Office
● 2F:Office of the President
● 2F:Office of the Secretary
● 2F:Personnel Office
● 3F:Office of Academic Affairs
● 3F:Teaching and Learning Resource Center
● 3F:College of Environment and Resources
● 4F-7F:Girls Dormitory

● 8F:Tennis courts




● B2F:Fitness Center、Aerobics Classroom、Table tennis training room

● B1F:Student Clubs

● 1F:Post office
● 2F:Office of Student Affairs
● 3F:Office of Physical Education, Badminton courts and table tennis courts, Office of Military Training Education

● 4F:Alumni Association

● 5F:Basketball courts and Volleyball courts


6.Library and Information Building

● B1-B2: Second Student Restaurant

● 1F:Lecture Theatre
● 2F:F.P.G Education Training Center
● 3F:Classrooms
● 4F-7F:Library

● 4F: Service Desk、New Book Exhibition Area、Online Searching Area、Newspaper Area、Dean's Office

● 5F:Periodicals、Study Rooms

● 6F:Books in Mandarin、Study Rooms

● 7F:Books in Mandarin、Books in Foreign Languages、Reference Books、Study Rooms

● 8F:University Archives、Multimedia Service Center


7.Electronic Engineering Building


● 1F:Laboratory

● 2F:Department of Electronic Engineering, Organic Electronics Research Center
● 3F:College of Engineering, Organic Electronics Research Center

8.Mechanical Engineering Building


● B1F-B2F:Laboratory

● 1F:Department of Mechanical Engineering

● 2F-3F:Research rooms

● 4F-5F:Classroom


9.Thin Film Technologies Building I


● 1F:Laboratory

●2F:Center for Thin Film Technologies and Applications


10.Innovation Building


● B1F-B2F:Parking Garage

● 1F:Lecture Theatre
● 2F:Biochemical Engineering Research Center
● 2F:Office of Research and Development
● 2F:Innovation and Incubation Center

● 3F:Computer center

● 4F:Service Center of Industrial Design

● 5F:Service Center of Business and Management

● 6F:Service Center of Industrial Engineering and Management

● 7F:Service Center of Visual Communication Design

11.Green Energy Center Building


● 1F:Department of Chemical Engineering Laboratory、Electrical laboratory implementation of the test room

● 2F:Battery Research Center of Green Energy
● 3F:Center for Reliability Engineering Research


12.Thin Film Technologies Building II



● 1F:Innovation and Incubation Center
● 2F:Office of Environmental Protection, Occupational Safety and Hygiene